• Elisa Doro and Roel Visser

    • Australia

    "Our first shipment from Bali in 1989 was a big step for us. We were new to the export business and had no experience at all. We were nervous..that is until we met Mr Mawiana from Adhi Dharma Cargo (ADC). We were to be his first clients and from that first day he and his staff made our exporting all so simple and smooth. paperwork, quarantine fumigation..all was attended to. We have sent many containers, LCL, air cargo..all without problems. We have bought, furniture, building materials, paving, roofing, as well as our own products for out wholesale business. It was this great service that helped our business flourish and our confidence soar! Over the years we have not only become good business partners but also close friends and I would recommend Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) to any prospective exporter. Everything was taken care of and until today..over 24 years later we still work together, knowing that or goods will be taken care of and that all the required paperwork is professionally and correctly administered". Elisa Doro and Roel Visser Goldfishgifts Australia

  • Jim Nooijen

    • Netherland

    As a wholesaler of Indonesian furniture and handicraft I use Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC), Ubud, Bali for my cargo for more than 15 years. The service is professional, the staff is enormous friendly and helpful and I always can be sure that they take care of the goods I buy with excellent packing. The 40 feet high containers I mostly use are fully loaded and every single place is used to send all the goods. Jim Nooijen www.nooijen-international.com

  • Richard Adams

    • Sydney -Australia

    "I have been working with Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) importing goods to Australia for the past 15 months for my small wholesale and retail business. I chose Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) because of their excellent knowledge on the whole exporting side of my business and their commitment to ensuring that all goods are sent correctly packed and arrive to my door in the same condition as they left, which is of upmost importance for me. Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) is small enough to care for not only the cargo but for their customer and go to great lengths to help in personal matters aswell, but big enough to collect, package and load large items such as life size elephants into the biggest containers with only the best materials, to suit each countries strict laws. Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) is the most value for money when it comes to quality service for a quality price and has helped me in many ways from selecting quality items to ensuring all my goods are accounted for when they are picked up by their quality staff that is always willing to go out of their way to help, and their knowledge is second to none. I would recommend Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) to any business large or small, or old to new. They have been a real asset in helping start a successful importing business". Thank you Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) Richard Adams Smadar Enterprises PTY LTD Mogo 2536 Australia

  • Frank Talens

    • Netherlands

    Dear Mr. Hendra All product arrived at my place today in good order. Thank you for the hard work you have done for me. I will now start to set up the front-end of my business hopefully it goes very well. As we all know it takes time and effort to start up a company so it probably will take some time before i will need your help again. But then who knows if in the coming years i can make this company grow bigger i might need your help a lot of the time. It is at least my plan to do so :) Again thank you for your help Hopefully you will hear from me soon. Best regards, Frank Talens

  • Eleonora Nieuwenhuizen

    • Netherland

    MIM-PI kidsclothes for girls from 0 to 10 years based in the Netherlands (www.mim-pi.com) is doing allready for 20 years bussiness with Dharma Sari Cargo. Once i have paid my container in Bali and in Holland i had to pay it again.. I got riped off! Then an Australian friend advised us to go to Dharma Sari Cargo in Ubud, but my bussiness in mainly in Denpasar, Tuban and Seminyak. They Said "No problem we pick up everything for you..!!" And that has been 20 years ago.... great people, Gusti has become a very good friend of ours...

  • Michael Bell

    • USA

    “I was very fortunate to be introduced to the professional and knowledgeable staff of Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) when we 1st started our export business in Bali 19 ½ years ago. Over the years our business has grown, and Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) has always kept up with our and our client’s demands. I would highly recommend Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) to anyone that values honest business practices, outstanding ground and packing services, and proven experience in the legalities in the complicated exporting requirements and regulations to locations around the world.” Sincerely, Michael Bell Hyperion International

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